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The purpose of the public register is to help the public identify whether a person practising early childhood education in Ontario is a member of the College, check a member's registration status, and verify whether there are any restrictions on their practice.

If an individual is listed as in "Good Standing", they are entitled to work as an early childhood educator in Ontario and to use the protected titles "Early Childhood Educator" (ECE) or "Registered Early Childhood Educator" (RECE) and their French equivalents, “éducatrice / éducateur de la petite enfance” (EPE) or “éducatrice / éducateur de la petite enfance inscrite” (EPEI), to describe themselves and their profession.

While the College endeavours to ensure that the information is current, accurate and complete, the College does not represent, warrant or guarantee that it is, and accepts no liability or obligation relating to the information posted.

The register includes multiple members and former members who share a common name. You may need to verify your search criteria directly with the member or former member, their employer and/or the College to confirm that you have located the correct record.